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About Us

We believe in traditional Ayurveda, aesthetically described in the writings of Charak and Susrutha. Agni Panacea, started in 2014 at Charummoodu in Kerala, is a brainchild of veteran Ayurvedic professional Dr. Naveen C R. 'Agni' is the Panchamahabhoota that purifies everything and 'Panacea' means "cure for all". Like the name denotes Dr. Naveen and his team also believes in the cure for all. "You name any disease and we have a treatment or solution for that," Dr. Naveen proudly says. Agni Panacea has its branches at Kottayam, Kayamkulam and Ernakulam through which it has already extended the magic of cure to thousands of patients. The team has lined up its roadmap to expand its footprint to all the 14 districts in Kerala by 2020. Come and experience the glory of Ayurveda with us.


Ayurveda doctors in kerala

Profile - Dr Naveen

Dr. NAVEEN C.R, BAMS, PGDP is a prolific professional, with extensive experience in the field of medicine. Dr. Naveen, a master Ayurvedic physician, is known among his patients and colleagues as "the man with a curing touch". He spearheads all the medical, pharmaceutical and operational activities of Agni Panacea Ayurveda.

The veteran professional has served at various Ayurvedic health centers across India at various scales. Dr. Naveen is proficient in handling all types of body disorders through traditional Indian style of treatment. He is an expert in panchakarma therapies and chronic ailments.

The B.A.M.S degree holder from Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College is also an experienced hand in various ayurvedic treatments – like Kayachikitsa, Salyatanthra, Kaumarabhrityam, Salakyatanthram, Agadatanthram, Manasika Roga and Marma Chikitsa.

Dr Naveen is known for his literary works and spirituality in Ayurvedic circles.

Panchakarma Technicians

Best ayurvedic treatment in kerala


From Thamarakkulam, completed her Panchakarma diploma from Ashramam Ayurveda nursing, in 2013 and is working with Agni Panacea Ayurveda for the last four years. She is an experienced hand in all Panchakarma and Poorva karma techniques.

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From Kayamkulam, completed her Panchakarma course from Peniel Ayurveda Nursing College in the year 2015 and she has expertise in all variety of Panchakarma techniques. Aleyamma is working with Agni Panacea from 2015.

best ayurvedic doctors in kerala


From Pathanamthitta, completed his Ayurveda course from Ashrmaman Ayurveda in the year 2010. He was working with major Ayurveda firms in Kerala since then. From 2016 onwards, he is working with Agni Panacea Ayurveda.

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Ayurveda Hospital Kottayam


Sajitha C has completed her Panchakarma course from Ashramam Ayurveda Hospital and Training Institute. She is working with us from 2017.

What are the Qualities of a good physician ?

There are five qualities for a good doctor

  • Good understanding of all medical branches
  • Very good practical knowledge
  • Good listener
  • Up to date with the latest scientific information
  • Good understanding of their patient's anxieties and symptoms

What are the qualities of a patient ?

A patient should have good attention to Detail, must obey the doctor and follow the guidelines.

What is the cause of pain, burning and itching in the body ?

In Ayurveda it says that with our 'Vata' there is no pain in body, with our 'Pita' no burning without 'Kapha' no itching, so when these things aggravate the body also shows the corresponding feeling.