Service the most complicated machine through Ayurveda

Organ Says

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I am your protector and the one who covers you. If you apply unwanted chemicals on me or treat me badly, I will lose my charm and those chemicals will make me unhealthy and will make you look ugly. So take care of me through natural ways.

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I am your purifier, removing the waste from your body. If you put more waste in your body, I may become tired. If I am tired, it may damage my functioning and waste will get accumulated in your body, which will lead to more diseases. So, respect me.

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I rejuvenate your blood and purify it. If there is more waste in blood, my workload will increase, which will damage my functioning. So, don’t damage your blood by eating unwanted things, even if you do, please purify it through natural ways.

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Call me the mixer of your body. Whatever you consume, I will mix it and make into absorbable form for your body. If the quantity is more or if the different quality food you consumes some time I may fail to mix it properly and will lead to stomach disturbances. So, be very careful about the food you feed me and be careful about the quantity and timing as well.



If your body is a computer, I am its central processing unit. So, please don’t install viruses like anger, fear, jealousy, greed and lust in me. I will get disturbed, which may damage your body. So, please practice good exercises for my proper functioning

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I am the structural unit of your body. I make you strong and flexible at your joints. If nourished improperly, I may create aches and pains in your body.

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Am the only part of your body that has the power to contract. With the help of me, all organs in the body are kept intact. If overworked it will disturb my equilibrium and your health.

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I am the pump house of your body. I pump blood and supply it through different blood vessels all over your body. If any block is there in blood vessels, It may put more pressure and damage me. So, please don’t do anything that creates a block in your blood vessels. Even if you do, please purify your blood vessels and blood through natural way.

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Am a big balloon, with small balloons inside. I take air from outside and give it to blood that carries it to every cell of the body. Keep me clean and healthy, don’t let the balloon to be filled with impurities.

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I smell, as you all know but very few know that I purify the air entering your body.

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I can listen to every sound, even the moving wind. However, I am also the balancing organ of your body. Exposing me to louder noises, earphones can be harmful.

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I am meant to see this beautiful world. Please don’t expose me too much to your phones, television and computers, straining my functioning.


Blood Vessels

I carry blood and nutrients to every part of your body. I am so active, your sedentary lifestyle may make me very lazy and the sufferer will be none other than you.



They say "mind your tongue", but I don’t aid in speaking but clear speaking comes from my efforts, and not just this, I recognize the taste of your food by the buds on top of me. I am also the witness if your food has digested well or not! Don’t ignore, use me properly.

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I am not a living thing but still I grow because I originate from your bones. I enhance your looks to take care of me, I may fall or break if bones, skin and blood are undernourished.