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Ayurveda FAQ's

Will Ayurveda Take A Long Time To Improve Or Cure My Problem ?

It totally depends on how chronic or deep-seated the problem is. It’s a myth that Ayurveda takes a long time, it’s your body and lifestyle that decides the time. Also, no illness comes in a day there is a big procedure taking place before the disease is expressed which we call symptoms, it can develop through months or years.

Do I Have To Follow Many Food Restrictions While Undergoing Ayurvedic Treatment ?

There is no food restriction, those are instructions to correct your diet, and if you were that healthy eater, why would you visit a doctor.

Do Ayurvedic Medicines Contain Toxic Metals ?

There are two types of medicines 1) Kashtaaushadh (herbs) 2) Rasa aushadh (metals). There is no toxic metal, it depends on the authentic way preparation just like boiling potatoes and if they are left raw is not useful. Same way if medicines are not prepared well they can be harmful, a good pharmacy will make good medicines.

Do Ayurvedic Medicines Have Side Effects ?

Everything in this world has side effects if misused. Please follow your doctor’s instructions.

Are Ayurvedic Medicines Hot In Nature ?

Again a myth. Usually, herbs have two types of potency 1) Hot 2) Cold and 3) Mixed. In short, some herbs are cold in nature and some hot.

People Tell Me That Ayurvedic Medicines Have A Bitter Or Pungent Taste. What Do I Do About That ?

They are herbs and have different tastes. Sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent. Like amla is bitter, still people love it! Look for the benefits it gives you, not the taste. Taste goes off in seconds but the good effects of these herbs stay forever.

Can I Take Ayurvedic Medicines Along With My Regular Allopathic Medicines ?

Always ask your doctor for this. You can mostly taper the dose and get rid of allopathic medicines but under your doctor’s guidance.