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Plant Says

Touch Me Not Plant (Tottavadi, Lajjalu)

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Don’t touch me for fun said by mimosas pudica, but if you have cough please touch me, take my 10 leaves, pound and have the juice daily. If you have a prostrate problem make a paste of my leaves and have regularly. If you have chest congestion apply my leaf paste over your chest for two minutes regularly.

Chittamruthe (Guduchi)

Some people call me tinosporacodifoliya. If you have less immunity, please take my stem juice every day one tablespoon and if your body has any burning issues please have my sattwa. If you are fed up with the kidney issues, please sattwa every day. Dose must be based on your digestive power.

Arka (Erukke)

Am very much hot in potency so called as arka or suryahwa in Sanskrit. Am calotropis gigantean, if you have pain in your knee please take my leaves and make paste and apply in your knee every day, if you are bitten by any poisonous insect’s apply my leaves paste. My seed oil is a very good laxative.

Thumpa (Drona Pushpi)

Am leucusaspera , I will help your child to be free from intestinal worms give my leaves and flower juice once in every month, are you attacked by a scorpion, rub the bite area with my leaves. Burn my 10 leaves and spread my ash in your room as I have antibacterial property.

Thazhuthama (Boerhavia Diffusa)

Am a creeper, if you have oedema in your body take 20 leaves of me to make a paste and have daily If you wish to repair your liver stop liquor and coffee and have my juice every day .my decoction Is good for strengthening the kidney, my juice is very helpful for urinary problems.

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Grambu (Lavang)

Am syzygiyumaromatica if you are suffering from cough and fever mix 2 pinch of my powder with honey and have.Paste me and keep over your aching tooth will give pain relive. I will maintain your appetite. Apply my oil over chest if you have any chest congestions.

Cherula (Aerva Laneta)

I have beautiful white flowers. Paste me and have early in the morning if you are suffering from urinary bladder problems. Iam a good dieuretic. I have tannin in me. Give my juice if they are suffering from intestinal worms.

Vazha (Musa Paradisiaca)

If you have any skin issues, take my leaves and use that as a scrubber for the body while bathing. If you have acidity in your stomach have my stem juice which will cure.

Chembarathy (Hibiscus Rosa)

In Sanskrit I am called as "japa". My flowers are good for controlling excessive bleeding during menstruation. My flowers and leaves are good for promoting hair growth, and dandruff. Flower teas are good for improving the quality of blood.

Njerinjil (Tribulus Terestris)

In my seeds, thorn-like structures are there so am called as trikandaka in Sanskrit. Look at my seeds it looks like the stones formed in urinary bladder you can use me for your kidney stone treatment. I am very good diuretic if there is any block in the urinary bladder by stones then make my decoction and have daily.

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Aatha (Annona Squamosal)

Called as "seethe phala" I have many seeds in me so called as bahubeeja my seeds are very much black in colour so called as Krishna beeja. My fruit is best for lung disease. My seeds are poisonous but used as anti-bacterial.

Vellila (Mussaenda Frondosa)

Sreevalli according to Ayurveda. Make a paste of my green leaves apply over ulcers it will heal.

Nandhyarvattom (Tabernaemontana Divaricate)

You break any part of my body, you can see a milky fluid so am called as "ksheerika" in Sanskrit.
Am good for your eyes

Ummam (Datura Metel)

If used in excess it causes ummam so named as unmatha in Sanskrit. Powder my leaves, flower and seeds and use in hukkas for inhalation in asthmatic conditions. My leaves paste is best in relieving pain and swelling in arthritis.

Uzhinja (Cardiospermum Halicacabum)

The paste of my leaf is good for hydrocele, leaf paste is good for hair growth and will prevent hair fall. Am a very effective diuretic

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Ezhilam Pala (Alstonia Scholaris)

I have 7 leaves in my stalk so am called as sapthaparna in sanskrit. My bark paste is good for ulcers to heal. Use my resin with Luke warm water it is a good laxative.

Aanachuvadi (Elephantopus Scaber)

My leaves look like a tongue of a cow, so am called as "gojihwa" in Sanskrit. If some poisonous insects bite you make a paste of my leaves and apply over the affected area. My leaves are good for your hair. If you have a backache paste my whole plant and apply over the spinal area.

Avanakke (Ricinus Communis)

Am best for all type of vataroga so am called as "VATARI" in Sanskrit. My part body ties my leaves over the affected area. Oil from my seeds is good for relieving backache.

Kudangal (Brahmi) (Centella Asciatica)

Look at my leaves, it looks like a half portion of the brain known as cerebrum. So surely I will promote your intellect power and memory power. Am a very good brain tonic.

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Kurumulak (Piper Nigrum)

Called as maricha according to Sanskrit. Have my decoction if you have any throat problem, fever or a cough. Prepare oil by adding me and this oil is very good for itching in body.

Kodithuva (Tragia Involucrate)

If you touch my leaves your body starts itching because of that I am called as dusparsha in Sanskrit. My paste with ghee is a very effective medicine for bhrama disease. Am a good blood tonic.

Changalam Paranda (Visit Quandrangularis)

Carefully look at me, I am like a bone chain so am called as asthisringhala in Sanskrit and am very good for all type of bone diseases. Has the capability to re-join the broken bones.

Chuvannulli (Allium Cepa)

Best for alleviating cough and cold, best for healing the wounds faster. Best for those who are having excessive fat.

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Tulasi (Ocimum Sanctum)

Called as surasa in Sanskrit. Best in anti-bacterial function. My leaf juice is good for improving the immunity, good for reliving the cough and cold. My leaf paste is good for poisonous insect bites.

Thengu (Cocos Nucifera)

Called as sadaphala because I have coconut in all season. My root kashaya is good for stomach problems. Coconut water is very good for preventing vomiting in pregnant ladies.

Thechi (Ixora Coccinia)

Am very effective in treating the skin diseases in children. Make a paste of my roots and apply over the poisonous insect's bite area. The sithakashaya made from my flower and jeera is very effective for eye disease.

Papaya (Carica Papaya)

Called as eranadakarkkadi in Sanskrit. My resin is good for worms, raw papaya is good for removing worms from the stomach. Raw papaya juice is good for correcting the menstrual disorders.

Puliyaral (Oxalis Corniculate)

Called as chargeri, my taste is amla, so also called as amlika. My paste is good for all stomach diseases.

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Satavari (Asparagus Racemosus)

Satavari roots pound and have the juice its good for acidity, good for generating breast milk in delivered ladies. Application of root juice with the vettiver paste is good for relieving the burning sensation in the sole.

Sankhupushpam (Clitoria Ternate)

My flowers look like cow’s eye. So, in Sanskrit I am called as clitoria ternate. One gram of my paste with ghee give to children’s it’s a good intellect promotor. Flower paste is good for preventing excessive bleeding from the uterus. White sankhupushpa roots are good for treating the lymph node rearrangement.

Muringa (Moringa Oleifera)

Called as sigru in Ayurveda. If doing navana with powdered seeds of moringa it’s good for relieving headache. One drop of leaf juice in eyes is good for all eye diseases. Root decoction is good for alleviating the pain due to menstruation, pain due to stone in the bladder, pain due to ulcers in the stomach. Moringa leaf paste with salt is good for reliving swelling and pain in joints.

Mukkutti (Biophytum Sensitivum)

If there is a wound or cut in your body apply my paste over the affected area. The area will re-join very fast so am called as SAMANGA in Sanskrit.