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Ayurvedic Insomnia Treatment


According to Ayurveda view seven variety of sleep are there .In Ayurveda Insomnia is known as Anidra. According to the Ayurvedic view the factors responsible for insomnia are TarpakKapha, Sadhak Pitta or PranaVata.TarpakKapha is a sub-dosha of Kapha. It nourishes the brain cells and facilitates a good night’s sleep. Imbalance of this dosha causes poor nourishment of brain cells, leading to Insomnia. Sadhak Pitta is a sub-dosha of Pitta and is located in the heart. It controls emotions, desires, decisiveness, and spirituality. Its imbalance makes a person demanding and workaholic, thereby leading to situations that may cause lack of sleep. PranaVata is a sub-dosha of Vata (Air). It is linked to insomnia, worry, anxiety, and problems like depression. PranaVata makes the nervous system sensitive; this sensitive nervous system coupled with an aggravated PranaVata lead to insomnia. Treatment protocol includes pacification of aggravated dosha and strengthening the nervous system. With proper herbal preparations, life style correction is important along with proper exercise.