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Ayurvedic Liver Cirrhosis Treatment


Liver rejuvenates the blood and purify it. If there is more waste in blood, the work load will increase, which will damage the functioning of the liver. So, don’t damage your blood by eating unwanted things, even if you do, please purify it through natural ways. From Ayurvedic perspectives, liver cirrhosis reflects extreme aggravation of pitta dosha. Since the liver is a seat of pitta, aggravated pitta affects the liver function and later vitiates other doshas as well. Rasa and raktadhatus are particularly intoxicated while other dhatus too become weak. Almost all functions of pitta such as digestion of food, the complexion of skin, feeling of hunger, production of blood etc. get considerably hampered. Treatment primarily aims at the whole body purification with special concentration on the blood and then the rejuvenating treatments for the liver and proper lifestyle changes with exercise.