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Ayurvedic Menstrual Problems Treatment


According to Ayurveda, poor diet and inefficient digestion and emotional situation are the main causative factors for these disorders. Improperly digested food leads to the production of toxins in the body. These toxins are circulated by the blood to the deep tissues and channels, where they cause blockages and stagnation. These conditions cause aggravation of VataDosha (air) and the RaktaDhatu (blood). The aggravated Vata brings impaired blood into the channels carrying the raj (menstrual blood), leading to derangement in menstrual blood flow, which includes the excessive flow of menstrual blood, less flow, excessive clots in bleeding, severe pain inflow, mood swings, Backache, excessive tiredness, obesity etc. The treatment in Ayurveda provides total purification of the body along with the hormonal clearance to cure the menstrual problems.