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Ayurvedic PCOD Treatment


From Ayurvedic point of view, PCOD reflects vitiation of rasa and raktadhatus. When levels of impurities and toxins increase in rasa and raktadhatus, body stores them in form of cysts around ovaries. So presence of multiple cysts indicate high levels of impurities and toxins in these dhatus. Sign and symptoms in PCOD patients suggest imbalance of all three doshas. Dhatwagnimandya may also exist in some patients. History of improper diet and lifestyle is generally found among majority of PCOD patients. Excessive consumption of hormonal pills and contraceptive pills too is reported by many patients. Mental stress and lack of physical exercise are marked among quite a few ladies with PCOD. From Ayurvedic perspectives, all these things can produce toxins in body and cause diseases like PCOD.