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Ayurvedic Ulcerative Colitis Treatment


Ulcerative Colitis is primarily a disease of Pitta Dosha, Known as PittajGrahani in Ayurveda, The excessive consumption of Pitta-aggravating foods and lifestyle initially damages both raktadhatu (blood tissue) and mamsadhatu (muscle tissue), leading to formation of ama that gets deposited between the villi in the intestines, forming a smooth coating that impairs the normal function and immunity of the intestines. VataDosha in the lower colon is also aggravated and in the early stages blocks the Pitta and Kapha channels, causing inflammation, mucous accumulation and edema. Ulcerative Colitis Ayurveda treatment involves eliminating the ama, restoring healthy digestion and creating a bacterially-friendly environment in the body. After the basic strength and immunity of the body is restored, the treatment focuses on natural healing of the ulcers.