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Ayurvedic Miscarriage Treatment


The defect in the kshetra and ambu that is (uterus and amniotic fluid) According to Ayurveda, miscarriage may occur if the sperm and ovum were deficient in nutrients at the time of conception. Poor digestion causes impaired production of body tissues, including the reproductive fluids, due to the accumulation of toxins at the cellular level. This may result in the creation of weak sperm or ovum. Poor digestion will also affect the growth of the child in the womb, as the tissues do not receive the necessary nourishment. This under-nourishment may also lead to miscarriage. Ayurveda treatment for miscarriage includes primarly the putification of the body, for the proper conversion of the body dhatus, correcting the hormonal levels by herbal prepations, reducing the abadhamedas and purifying the thekshethra and ambu. Purification of the male reproductive system is also important.